Roy Emmett

Kidnap The General’s Mistress

In 1940, England and France declared war on Germany and the Luftwaffe  mercilessly pummeled  England with the Blitz. In June, the French Republic surrendered to Nazi Germany and was quickly occupied after agreeing to an armistice.

In Paris, the mistress of a powerful Nazi General in the German Occupation, has accumulated significant high-level information the war planners in London want.  But there’s only one way to get it: Kidnap her and spirit her out of Nazi Paris and get her to London.

Only one man in England meets the requirements necessary to carry out such a mission – Cort Ramsey. Half French, half British, having grown up in Paris then moving to London, he graduated from college and completed his military service and 2 years with MI-6.  But can it be done? An incredible plan unfolds taking Cort through the Nazi controlled ‘City of Light’ to a highly unlikely kidnap site that defies all logic and common sense. Will a real romance evolve as Cort and the young lady find themselves in various close quarters in their desperate attempt to escape from the Nazis?

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