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Grandma Kay Nylen Skoglund married salesman Earl Fohrman in the late 1930s. While Grandpa Earl’s career raced ahead at a rapidly expanding company called Pepsi, Grandma Kay developed her own career in radio under the host name “Kay Nylen”. As the 1940s turned into the 1950s, Grandma Kay was an established fixture in the regular programming on several Chicago-area radio stations including WEXI to WRMN to WAIT to WLS AM 720.

Grandma Kay produced several programs, including her two most popular; a morning show called Reports to Women where she shared recipes and interviewed guests, talking about issues that were important to women and an afternoon, “After School”, show called Children’s’ Story Hour, on which she played and read transcriptions of stories and recited poems, some of which she had penned herself during breaks, commercials and the occasional quiet evening at home.

Grandma Kay died in 1972 while babysitting her new grandson, Troy Fohrman, co-founder of Roundtable Publishing. Troy was only three months old at the time. Sadly, her unfinished ideas never became books for children & families to enjoy.

In her memory, we are proud to have produced a wide selection of entertaining diversions, some from Grandma Kay’s notes and some from talented authors with our “stamp” of approval here at Great Reads.

In the above photo from Life Magazine (left to right) are Earl Fohrman, Vice-President, PepsiCo, Actress Joan Crawford and the very talented Kay Nylen Fohrman.