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Busy And Loving It

Busy And Loving It

So it looks like I’m starting two new ghostwriting projects. One is pure ghosting. It’s nonfiction, motivational, and I’m to structure the book from notes to be provided to me by the nominal author. The other is more of a co-writing gig, but I’m to be uncredited, so therefore it’s still ghosting. This book is also nonfiction, but this one’s religious in content.

I had a couple of my own books published recently but haven’t written a new book of my own (that is, my byline, not a ghosting gig) in several months now.

I’ve also taken on several editing projects and some short-form writing—advertorials, web copy, biz articles, and the like—so I’ve certainly been keeping busy. And, as I’ve said here before, I like it that way—busy and also with a variety of projects.

Also keeping me busy are my two weekly internet radio shows (podcasts). It’s not just the on-the-air time; there is a lot of behind-the-scenes work involved: lining up guests, conveying info to them, eliciting info from them, and more.

In sum, despite the fact that I’m lately plagued with some very painful sciatica, life is good!

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