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Do You Take Advantage Of Your Library?

Do You Take Advantage Of Your Library?

I gave a speech at one of the local libraries this past Saturday afternoon. Only a small group of people showed up. “We get so little participation in our adult programs,” the library director bemoaned as we conversed before the program started. “They come to borrow books and other materials, but they don’t take advantage of our programs.”

As an author, I’m glad to hear there’s no shortage of book-borrowers, but what a pity that more people don’t take advantage of all the library’s other offerings. There are talks, visual presentations, even musical offerings.

Admittedly some of them have been lame. I once attended what was billed as a sing-along of the music from MAME but turned out to be a screening of the movie at which, before the film started, the sparse audience was invited to sing along with the soundtrack. I screeched along for a couple of numbers, but then, when no one else joined in to drown out my horrible voice, I went silent.

Not all the library’s offerings are that pathetic, however.

I remember when libraries lent books…period. No music albums. No movies. Nothing else. Nothing but books. That was then. This is now. What a difference!

Libraries are wonderful places—wonder-filled places. If they had nothing but books, I would still love them, but in fact they have other media and programs as well. It’s a pity when people don’t take advantage of all that libraries have to offer.

Have you been to your local library lately? Have you taken advantage of all they have to offer? Do you even know what media besides books they have and what programs they’re giving?

Check them out!

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