My 15 Minutes Of Fame?

My 15 Minutes Of Fame?

Of course I’ve been on TV before. As an author, I’ve guested on shows promoting various of my books. I was a contestant on JEOPARDY! in the pre-Alex Trebek era. (Who else reading this is old enough to remember when Art Fleming was the host?) Subsequent to my JEOPARDY! appearance, I was on two other game shows.

Much more recently, I even had my own TV show—two of them, actually. First there was SOLO PARENTING, “For all single parents, whether divorced, widowed, or never married.” It ran for a year and a half. Then there was YOUNGER EVERY DAY, “The show that helps you look, act, and feel younger…no matter what your driver’s license says.” That ran for a short season. Both were carried by a local TV station here in South Florida, where I live.

But now it seems there’s a possibility—and I don’t know how large a possibility it is—that I might be seen on some PBS show.

I saw an ad recently. The people who placed it were looking for people who had a story to tell about—among other possibilities—their work. Well, hell, that’s me! I live for my work. I LOVE my work.

I answered the ad.

There ensued a series of back-and-forths. The woman who first got back to me explained that their group was producing a series for PBS. Would I tell her more about myself, my work, and what I was most hopeful about? I did. Next she asked me to videotape myself using my iPhone, answering a set of questions, and then to fill out a short questionnaire. I complied. Most recently she asked me to fill out some info for PBS and answer another question. I did—and asked her what she wants next.

I still don’t know whether I’ve been selected for the show or, if so, whether I’ll have to go to the PBS affiliate down in Miami to tape my segment, or use my iPhone again, or if the producers will send a photographer here. But it’s all very exciting. TV is fun, and the exposure can’t hurt my career! And PBS is a LOT more prestigious than the little local channel that carried my two TV shows.

So wish me luck…and if anything comes of this, I’ll keep you updated!