Time For A Change

Time For A Change

Any time something in your life needs changing is a good time to take steps, but the start of a new year is a particularly appropriate time to make that change.

It could be something as major as changing jobs, shedding an unsatisfactory relationship—even a marriage—or something a little less drastic, like moving to a new house or apartment or—stepping it up a little—moving to a whole new city.

Or changing your appearance to change the way you feel about yourself and even the way others view you. Maybe this is the year you change your hairstyle and/or your hair color, or the way you dress, or some other facet of your appearance. (And this applies to men as well as women.) When you look in the mirror and see a different person than before, it can affect your internal self-image, not just the image you see reflected in front of you. And it likely will affect the way the rest of the world views you, too.

Now, besides your appearance, what else in your world needs changing? Is it time you went back to school to finish that degree, or get that advanced degree…or get that diploma you never got? Is it time to do something about your health—exercise, lose weight, cut down on sugar, salt, fats, junk foods? Maybe taking better care of your health is the change you’re due for.

What else in your life needs changing? The way you spend your free time? The way you spend your money? How about your attitude toward life?

Whatever else in your life needs changing, the new year is an excellent time to do it.

Think about it. And then act on it!

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