The Man With The Tortured Soul

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Inside The Man…
This is the detailed account of a once happily married and successful man whose 20 year marriage inexplicably cascaded into an emotional, mental and physical hell. The core elements of his once perfect marriage, including three wonderful children and all the perks and benefits of an upscale lifestyle, simply disintegrated. How? His wife suddenly decided to change all the rules. The result was a distorted and incomprehensible arrangement where love, sex and intimacy were excluded, responsibility was relegated to a bare minimum, and all the tenets of a close marriage were dismissed. What the hell happened? There was no way out for this man. No way out at least that would allow for reasonable compromise or the legitimate hope for a reverse course. What used to be was no more. In the wake of this highly unusual and selfish transition, he still loved the woman he married. He tells his story, chapter-by-chapter, in a detailed and sensitive fashion, as raw as he felt when everything around him was falling apart. Rarely is a personal story told in such extraordinary intimate detail. This tortured man has revealed every aspect of his personal tragedy just as it unfolded. The feelings of frustration, angst and betrayal are palpable. But there simply wasn’t any all-encompassing solution where all five of his family wouldn’t suffer. It all made for ten very awkward and torturous years and had only one way to end.

This book, The man with a tortured Soul, was written by Jay Y. Cohen, the actual man with the tortured soul. For privacy, it must be noted that the name, Jay Y. Cohen is a pen name, not the actual name of the man in the story. No person with that same name, Jay Y. Cohen, should be confused with this fictional named person.


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