Nuts To Martha


“Nuts to Martha!” That sums up the typical response the author got when she sent out several batches of email inquiries asking, “Are you nuts for Martha Stewart…or does Martha Stewart drive you nuts?”

Martha’s books sell…she’s amassed hordes of TV fans…scads of people read her newspaper and magazine columns and articles…obviously there is much interest in the subjects she covers…and yet…and yet…she draws so much negativity. MacGregor elicited answers as to why…then set out a write a book that answers people’s prime objections to Martha while still giving them info that’s obviously wanted.

Here’s the result…Nuts to Martha! It taps into both the large amount of interest in better living, better homes, better hostessing, and yet also the negative feelings that prevail among “real people” who don’t have the time, the talent, the funds, or the staff of assistants that Martha has. With MacGregor’s help, these people can now improve their cooking, hostessing, home decorating, and more, and do it realistically.