Books Make Great Gifts

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Books Make Great Gifts

Got a gift-giving occasion coming up—a birthday or anniversary, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, graduation, or maybe you’re looking for something healthier than candy to put in your kids’ Easter baskets?

How about a book?

Books  make wonderful gifts for any age and any occasion. Even for children too young to read, a book that can be read to them, as a bedtime story or just for the pleasure of it is a joy to receive, and it promotes the healthy and important reading habit early. And regardless of whom you’re gifting, there’s no worry about color preference or guessing at the giftee’s correct size.

An online site has recently been publishing a series of listicles, “Gifts to give ___” (your neighbor, a 10-year-old-boy, your sister, a new mom, etc.) Not surprisingly, many of the suggestions were books. In fact, some of the listicles have specifically been “Books to give ____” rather than just “Gifts to give ____.”

Books are enduring, as well as endearing. They don’t go out of style or fashion; they don’t wear out (assuming you don’t leave them out in the rain or let them fall into the bathtub). Books can be enjoyed time and again.

In sum, books are the ideal gift for almost any recipient and almost any occasion. Wondering what to give on that upcoming gift-giving occasion? Give a book!