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An online newsletter I subscribe to contains queries from journalists, book authors, broadcasters, and others who seek input for articles, books, broadcast/podcast shows, and other media. Lately there has been a rash of queries seeking suggestions for gifts for people of varous demographis—by age, by occupation, by avocation. These articles the queries are for suggest gifts for people in their 20s, 40s, retirement age, pregnant women, new graduates, sports lovers, wine lovers….and of course, gifts for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Valentines Day and Christmas. Sometimes these queries are specifically looking for books; other times the queries are more open-ended—any classification of gifts will do.

Nonetheless, whether books are specified or not, I always respond with the title of one of my books.

I’ve written over 100 books. It’s almost always easy to find one to fit one of these queries..well, maybe not the one for wine lovers, but I do have some great cookbooks. Man does not live by wine alone! LOL.

Books make great gifts—for almost any occasion: birthdays or anniversaries, graduation or new baby, major or minor holidays…or for no occasion at all. Love gifts—gifts for no occasion other than “I thought you would like this” or “I saw this and thought of you”—are some of the greatest presents.

The next time you need to think of a gift for someone, think books. Buy the person a book—or two. Whatever the person’s tastes, whatever their hobbies, whatever their interests, you can almost always find a book to suit.

And what’s wrong with treating yourself to a gift. Buy yourself a book today!

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