Love Along the Journey of Life

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Who or what are we as human beings?We all do what all human beings do. We feel, we think, we act, we react, we conjure, we wish, we hope, we speculate, we anticipate, we love, we hurt, we grieve, we wonder, we compare, we seek pleasure, we reach out, we explore, we try to fit in, we carve out unique niches, and we get up every day to pursue our own individual journey of life, hopefully to reach that special place where we can be what we were meant to be.

Yet we’re as different one from another as are the diverse paths we choose to follow. Life itself, with all its intricate facets, is still the core of our common journey. We make our way through one unique life segment to take on another as we move from childhood to adulthood. This little book contains a sampling of my personal feelings, thoughts and experiences that touched me along my life journey. Perhaps something on these pages will resonate with you and your life in some personal way. Why not? Life is, after all, a quirky experience.


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