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Parallels – Surviving the Legacy of Pain

By Eileen Vargas

Parallels – Surviving the Legacy of Pain



Told through the eyes of a girl struggling with the gut-wrenching loss of her mother while forced to live in the unbalanced world of her father as revealed through graphic details and anecdotes. On the surface, this girl’s early life was mundane: a well-manicured house, a privileged life, a group of daughters whose father was a doctor and who outwardly displayed a healthy lifestyle.

But the details behind that surface tell her story. It includes a struggle in which, just like soldiers fighting an unseen enemy, she battled the invisible effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Codependency, and Depression. And it includes survival—the immeasurable, concentrated effort to finally rid herself and her sisters of the crushing albatross of pain.

This story takes the reader on the harrowing journey of exposing the egregious, despicable trauma created by those people who fail to protect women and girls from the corrosive behavior that causes irreparable, long-lasting damage.

The author gives the reader tools to use to release themselves from a life of failure, hopelessness, impossibility, and despair to a new found freedom of realizing themselves as truly worthy, cherished, and freed.

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About The Author


Eileen Vargas, one of six daughters of a surgeon father and nurse mother, grew up in Hialeah, Florida. After her parents’ divorce, she attended a series of parochial schools. Moving frequently throughout her adolescence, she graduated from Miami Beach Senior High School.

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