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Pillow Talk

By Daria J. Wagoner

Pillow Talk



Dr. Deidre Villanova, a successful psychologist, savors a surreal sex-life most can only dream of, yet few would ever dare to speak.  Despite the suitors sorted in secret algorithm within her “BTX” list…she truly desires only one.  Lorelie’s carefully-crafted and uniquely “stoned” legend begins with a spirit-filled twist of fate.  Deidre’s “cock-tales” are erotic and raunchy with teasing psychological intrigue to make even your mind moist with excitement!

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About The Author


Daria J. Wagoner is  Jupiter, Florida resident who lives life to the fullest. Her varied professions in conjunction with personal life experiences have afforded her much to write about. Daria is passionately dedicated to a crucial campaign to save animals in Puerto Rico and outer islands after the recent hurricanes ravaged the lands. She is working with the "Luis Gonzales Horse and Pony Rescue" in Las Piedras, Puerto Rico, to help rebuild this vital rescue facility for the many abused, neglected and abandoned horses which have been left behind to fend for themselves. Daria published her first book in January 2017, That Which Does Not Destroy Me. This memoir celebrates surviving and overcoming a troubled childhood which took her to very dangerous and dark places, thereby making her the strong and independent women that she is today.

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