Secure the Deal and Grow Rich

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So you have a product idea, right? It’s something people are going to want, or it makes their lives easier, yes? Everyone who has ever heard about it or seen it raves—but you’re not sure where to go next, right?

A savvy lady you’ve never met has just done you a big favor—one that might really be a life changer. If you’d like to make a lot of money with your product, please read Securing The Deal: How I Got a $31 Million Licensing Deal and a $4.1 Million Down Payment. Lu Anne Puett did exactly that, with pantyhose no less. In her book, she shares how she achieved what is no doubt the dream of a lifetime for most people, and she explains in easy-to-understand, step by step language how you can do it too.

If you can follow a recipe, you can make your product do for you what Puett’s did for her. Do yourself a favor and read the book. It just might be a life changer.


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